MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – We are just months away from Election Day, and the race for District 11 to replace U-S Representative Mike Conaway is heating up.

The Midland Hispanic Chamber hosted a meet and greet for Republican candidate August Pfluger today.

“It’s important to understand what’s going on in the community and what folks are thinking and that helps our campaign. It helps us understand how we can better represent each community throughout district 11,” said August Pfluger.

The Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s goal was for Pfluger to hear the voices from the Hispanic community.

“Right now in the City of Midland we actually are probably going to be the largest ethnicity group here, about fifty percent, and we need to ensure that our beliefs our morals go to Washington,” said Steven Villela, a board member for the Hispanic Chamber

“No matter what your ethnicity, race, religion background is this is a conservative district. District 11 deserves a conservative representative,” said Pfluger.

Villela knows accomplishments come when forming connections with people.

“When we do business here we can achieve great things. So, we need to ensure that we are in a position to do that and we have those relationships to communicate with people that can help us,” said Villela.

And with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to hold businesses back, Pfluger states getting the economy running is important.

“Right now the biggest problem is the pandemic has absolutely decimated local business,” said Pfluger. “Our economy getting back up and running and through the president’s leadership, figuring out how we can best represent and get these businesses back to full steam is so critical.”

The Hispanic Chamber does plan to hold Democratic Nominee Jon Mark Hogg in the near future.