(YourBasin) – The November Election is right around the corner and as mail-in ballots are a hot topic in the nation, Ector and Midland County are no exception.

“We have received a few more and it’s probably because of the pandemic but we have received over 300 plus,” said Lisa Sertuche, the Ector County Election Administrator.

As Republicans and Democrats continue their tug of war for mail-in ballots amidst the pandemic, Texas had made it tougher to receive a mail-in ballot.

At the end of May, the Texas Supreme Court blocked expanding mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To be eligible for mail-in ballot in Texas you must meet four requirements: 1) 65 years of age or older 2) disability 3) Expected absence from the county or 4) confinement in jail.

“We are getting numerous ones in every day,” said Carolyn Graves, the Midland County Election Administrator. “But I am expecting it to be higher than usual because we are asking anyone that is eligible to vote by mail.”

Both administrators have concerns over delivery as expectations of mass mail-in ballots will hit the post office.

“That’s why we encourage the voters to quickly mark it, send it back to us,” said Sertuche. “I try not to worry about it but we don’t know what all it’s going to entail at the end.”

“It’s a concern because it’s a nationwide issue,” said Graves.

The last day to request a mail-in ballot is October 23.

Below is a video of Lisa Sertuche walking me through the process of filling out an application for a mail-in ballot.