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Audiologist adapt in outbreak

MIDLAND, Texas (YourBasin) – After having to adjust her business during COVID Doctor Sally Miranda and her business, All About Hearing had to adapt to the pandemic.

While trying to assist patients with hearing aids Miranda has launched a virtual appointment service helping those with hard hearing during COVID-19 and beyond.

This will allow patients to connect to Miranda through their smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the help of “remote assist” technology, this will allow the audiologist to make the adjustment to the patient’s hearing aid through an app.

“I’ve been an audiologist for 26 years now and the technology that’s available to us today is phenomenal,” says Miranda.

Currently, a few of Miranda patients are performing beta test for All About Hearing. These patients have been testing the technology for about three weeks. Miranda says the feedback they have been receiving from her patients has been fantastic.

“If they’ve been our patients we’ve been able to program the hearing aids have them pick them up or we drop them off on their front porch,” says Miranda.

She states that after patients receive their hearing aids they have been able to help patients set up their app. After, they are able to have virtual appointments.

Through the virtual appointment, Miranda is able to make adjustments to the patient’s hearing aid while they are communicating. Another way is she is able to make the adjustments on the app and patients will have to download those adjustments to their hearing device.

She states this technology gives a more accurate adjustment for sounds that could be hard to replicate in the office.

“Before people were having issues with their devices and there wasn’t a lot I could do but now we can connect wireless, make changes,” says Miranda, “it’s been neat. Certain things could bothersome like water running or paper rattling. It’s hard to replicate that in the office and now we are doing that at their house.”

Though Miranda says there’s nothing better than having her patients come in and seeing them she is glad to be able to help in any way she can.

“The neat thing is it doesn’t matter if the person is here in Midland or on the other side of the world as long as they have a WiFi connection we’re able to tap into their hearing aids on their request and make those changes for them,” says Miranda.

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