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COYANOSA, Texas (YourBasin) – When you walk outside in the west Texas heat it might drain you and make you bitter. But, for one local farmer, the heat helps ripen and sweeten his crop.

The nationally renowned Mandujano Brothers Produce calls west Texas the perfect climate to farm for their famous Pecos cantaloupe.

“The cantaloupe and watermelon they like heat to ripen up,” says Beto Mandujano of Mandujano Brothers Produce. “The location and the heat right here that we are at, I think it makes the cantaloupe real sweet.”

Even though west Texas isn’t dependable for rain he emphasis how important it is to water.

“Cantaloupe and watermelon need a lot of water. We water every day for about 12 hours a day,” says Mandujano. “So my tip is if you want to plant a garden you better water it.”

Farming runs in the family. Mandujano states his dad started growing cantaloupe gardens in the 80s and his brother starting in the late 90s. He says people demand cantaloupe and watermelon in this area.

But, his business has expanded beyond west Texas. Customers from around the states travel out to Coyanosa buying hundreds at a time.

“We have a guy in Arizona, that he grew up in the area, every year he makes one or two trips. He buys probably 500 cantaloupes and 200 watermelons just to give out to his friends and family,” says Mandujano.

Shipments are also sent out around the country.

But Mandujano his success doesn’t lie on him but his employees and customers.

“You need two things, you need your employees and you need your customers to buy your stuff. So, I think we got both of them,” says Mandujano. “That’s why we’re successful.”

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