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Dr. Sudip Bose shares his story

Dr. Sudip Bose began his career with the U.S. Army in 1995, later becoming a Battalion surgeon, a major in the U.S. Army and one of the few doctors in the second battle of Fallujah.

“Preparation, the intense battles of Fallujah did not happen randomly it was a lot of preparation; from basic training all the way up to your educational training, your physical training, and then the leadership structure,” says Dr. Bose.

While overseas he also found time to volunteer at IBN Sina Hospital in Bagdad, the busiest trauma center at that time, never guessing that this wealth of experience and knowledge would lead the United States to select him to treat Saddam Hussein after being captured.

“You know here I am looking at the guy that was responsible for the death of thousands of people, ruled the country in ruins, and he had been on the run for months but, I had to provide him medical care. There was no time to be nervous or be distracted.”

Dr. Bose later receiving the Bronze Star, Combat Medical Badge, the Army Commendation Medal, and presidential recognition.

He adds that “experiences like that and experiences of serving with heroes who gave their life, their limb, their eyesight, they allowed us to advance medicine and improve healthcare throughout America.”

Now using a similar system to treat people here in Odessa, called the incident command system. “This hospital here, Medical Center Hospital, is the highest level trauma center for over 38,000 square miles. So we needed to have unique solutions in case of a missile, a mass shooter, a microbe, a natural disaster.”

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