(Big 2/Fox 24) – As the demand for crude oil climbs slightly, gas prices are increasing along with it, according to AAA Texas.

Currently, the statewide average price for a gallon of unleaded fuel is $1.64. AAA says the price is four cents more than the same day last week. Meanwhile, the national average is sitting at $1.97.

Drivers in El Paso are currently paying the most on average at $1.86, according to a release from AAA Texas.

The price falls directly in line with crude prices, which hit their highest mark, $34 per barrel since COVID-19 was declared a national emergency.

“With many states and local officials easing restrictions surrounding COVID-19, gas and crude oil prices have been on the rise,” AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armbruster said. “However, the pandemic still have caused demand levels to sink much lower than in recent history.”