ODESSA, TEXAS (Nexstar) – One month from today Stacy Huckaby and Mike Elliot will get to say I do.

It’s just a day of unity and just bringing love and us together as a family and not just us two but everybody together to be united as one,” says dream wedding winner Stacy Huckaby.

But the path to syaing I do, has not been easy for the couple.

“We planned on having a wedding before all this happened and we had talked about it but once that happened with my son we just kind of put it on hold,” says Huckaby.

In February, Stacy lost her oldest son Colton in a car accident.

Through the tragedy Mike Elliot stayed by Stacy’s side day and night.

“A very very terrible incident and it just brought us closer together and throughout it all i never left her side and we just grew closer and just fell more in love,” says Elliot.

Planning a wedding while mourning her oldest son’s death seemed nearly impossibly which is why Mike entired them ina wedding ceremony and ballroom reception giveaway at the Odessa Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

Tayrn Fontenette is the event manager at the Odessa Marriott Hotel & Conference Center and she is honored to be their wedding planner.

“Mike and Stacy’s story a lot of people even the people who nominated them its really about hardships and going through the difficult times and still sticking it out,” says Fontenette.

Fontenette has 40-thousand dollars to make sure Mike and Stacy have the most amazing wedding day.

“The good times are easy but bad times are tough and since they go through that I just new that it mesh and meant to be,” says Fontenette.

The couple can now look forward to their big day of marriage and forever.

“With him we’ve already been through literally the richer and poorer the sickness the health we’ve done we’ve been through all that we’ve been through so much together, says Huckaby. “That there’s nothing that’s gonna break us we’re in it forever.”