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City Council approves money for outside agencies

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- “Just take a few moments to look around and see the beauty that’s here in the Permian Basin,” says Randy Ham.

For the City, making sure Odessa is a place people want to visit is important.

City Mayor David Turner says, “if you look at Hobbs you see the number of people that are going in there, you see the hotel occupies on the weekends, which means more retail, more restaurants, because you have more customers coming in.”

Its’s simple, putting money into things that will have a good return investment.

Turner says this will help “keep bringing people in to keep that sales tax up to address issues that we need to the sales tax helps the County, it helps the hospital, and it also helps the City.”

The City Council approved diving up 3.4 million-dollars in hotel tax revenue to 21 outside agencies.

According to the mayor “This is money that was collected from the hotel’s when somebody comes in and stays and this helps out a lot of the non profits in town like the Sand Hills Rodeo, the Fair, and a lot of those.”

Among those on the list is Odessa Arts. “Art is what gives our lives meaning, it’s what gives us enjoyment. It’s what gives us a sense of community pride,” says Executive Director Randy Ham. 

Odessa Arts say they look forward to this new journey of improving their City. “It’s humbling, it’s very humbling it makes me feel like we’ve done a good job. There’s always work to be done but I like to see that what we’re doing and what our agencies are doing resonates with our public and our cultural tourists,” says Ham. 

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