MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A local business owner is trying to figure out how to move forward after his shop was badly damaged by a City of Midland truck.

The crash happened at approximately 8 A.M. on Monday at the ‘Twice Around Thrift Shop’ on the 300 block of E. Illinois Avenue in Midland.

Surveillance video shows the moment of impact. A truck can be seen briefly outside the thrift shop before it slams into the storefront.

Thankfully, no one was inside the business at the time of the crash. The store owner’s family member shared with Yourbasin.com that they learned from a City of Midland representative that the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries.

A City of Midland spokesperson said in a press release the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

However, for store owner Seth Caples, what is certain is his store will be closed until the damage can be repaired.

“Directly behind me is my daughter’s playpen and crib… that was directly in front of the truck,” said Caples, commenting on the area of the truck’s impact.

Caples and his family spent most of Monday patching up the business. Visibly upset, he recalls the moment he found out his store was struck by a vehicle.

“We were told on Facebook, I believe from the city, that there had been a catastrophe at the store. So we rushed here and saw that a city vehicle had smashed through the register area of our store,” Caples said. “We’ve been assessing the rubble since then.”

The damage is extensive. There is a large hole in the front of ‘Twice Around,’ which has since been covered by wood planks. Broken glass and smashed concrete lie on the ground inside the business. Items, that would otherwise be for sale, are in disarray on store shelves and on the floor.

The business does not have the insurance to cover the cost of repairs. The store has been overcoming some challenges. The pandemic was a significant setback. Caples said he knows it will cost a lot to rebuild.

When asked how much the damage will cost, Caples replied: “I’ve been avoiding thinking about that. But um, more than [the business] makes, I can assure you of that.” 

Caples said he would like some answers from the City of Midland. So far, he said he has not received many.

“They had someone here who was very vague and uninformative,” Caples said.

As his family looks to mend the damage, they are making a plea to the public: if you saw something, say something.

“We have no idea what happened. The city and MPD didn’t explain it very well, at all. So, we would like to hear from them. I saw on my security camera footage that there were a lot of people who saw it,” Caples said. “So, if they see this, try to contact us so we can get their side of the story.”