Big Spring citizens look to recall mayor

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BIG SPRING, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24)- Linda Burchett submitted a petition on July 29 to recall mayor of Big Spring, Shannon Thomason.

The petition claims a dereliction of duty, threatening city personnel and cussing at city personnel. City councilwoman Camilla Strande says that shes experienced this firsthand.

“In executive session last fall when we disagreed about an issue he said ‘don’t bat your eyes at me cupcake’ to me personally and told me to quit talking. So I’ve firsthand seen him mistreat people. He asked mister DePauw on April third in open session if he were on Tinder, and when he didn’t like mister DePauw’s opinion he said he could go pound sand”

Mayor Shannon Thomason declined an interview, however in an open letter to the City of Big Spring on Facebook, Thomason said he “categorically, vehemently, and unabashedly” denies the claims.

Burchett decided to organize an event on Tuesday for people to sign the petition. She says that they are taking precautions against COVID-19. Volunteers will wear masks, gloves, and use disposable pens.

“We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for them, and it’s a way to get signatures we hope. So we’ll all be out there in full force and try our best.”

She said she wants to have her voice heard without all of the drama and thinks many Big Spring residents feel the same way.

“I do have that right to voice my opinion. And everybody else that signs the petition, they have their right to sign it. But we’re not going to fight, we’re not going to argue, and we’re not going to have drama. That’s just how our group is, and it’s a pretty large group, which I’m excited about, so hopefully, we’ll get it done tomorrow.”

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