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MIDLAND, Texas (FOX 24) – A dramatic transformation. A local man is thanking the “Diabetes Reversal Program” at Midland Health. Now, he’s sharing his incredible journey with everyone in our positive, inspirational “Be Our Change” segment.

Weight loss progress of Mike Carrillo

“I think at my heaviest i was like 398 pounds,” said Mike Carrillo, Midland resident. Carrillo is now 267 pounds.

“I was basically told, that if I didn’t fix my diabetes, I’d have a real high risk of losing my leg or my infection not healing and could possibly take my life,” said Carrillo.

Dr. Padmaja Patel is the Medical Director of Lifestyle Medicine Center at Midland Health.

Mike Carrillo with Jillian Tate (Clinical Manager)

“What we learn in medical school, what we’ve been practicing gets very exhausting,” said Dr. Patel. Now what I see, is truly the patient’s feel empowered. You’re feeling as if you’re giving them that choice, that they never thought they had.”

Clinical Manager Jillian Tate talks about the program.

Jillian Tate, Clinical Manager

“These success stories are why we do what we do,” said Tate. It takes a lot of work to dedicate yourself to really making a lifestyle change.”

Carrillo who is 49-years-old did the work.

“I was taking 25 units with each meal of fast acting insulin a day,” said Carrillo.

The Midland man was taking a long list of medicines, but now everything has changed.

“The only thing I take is .25 milligrams of Losartan. So, my cholesterol numbers for the first time, in I want to say maybe 20 plus years were in range my blood pressure dropped.”

He’s now hoping others realize it’s possible to fight diabetes without medication.

“You can go out and change your life,” said Carrillo.

Dr. Patel

“Ethically, I think we’re obligated to at least tell them that there is an option to reverse this chronic diseases, instead of just relying on prescription medications,” said Dr. Patel.

The diabetes reversal program takes 12 weeks to complete. For more information call (432) 221-LIFE (5433).

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