MIDLAND-ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Volunteers with local nonprofits are staying busy this holiday season. They’re making sure no one in the Basin goes hungry.

At Breaking Bread Ministries in Midland, there’s a good amount of home cooking going on. Volunteers are spending a lot of time making sure everything is just right for Wednesday’s ‘Christmas’ dinner. The meal is a few days before Christmas itself, but it’s something worth looking forward to.

“We try to bring a home feeling so it feels like people are eating at mama’s kitchen,” said Trey Atwater, Breaking Bread Ministries Executive Director.

Breaking Bread Ministries isn’t cooking up a feast for just Wednesday’s holiday dinner. The Midland nonprofit also serves meals Monday through Friday. Coats, socks, tents, and sleeping bags are also available to people that need them.

“A lot of people eat here until they get back on their feet. So, they know each other,” Atwater said.

Trey said the nonprofit takes care of hundreds of people. Breaking Bread Ministries is much more than a soup kitchen, too. It’s a small and caring community in itself, taking care of its fellowship.

“There’s a lot of hugs going around and a lot of smiles,” Atwater said.

There’s another nonprofit in the Basin that is extremely busy, days before Christmas. It’s the West Texas Food Bank.

A number of volunteers at West Texas Food Bank’s Odessa location (411 S Pagewood Ave) were doing a lot of good on Wednesday.

Volunteers spent the afternoon loading boxes of food items into open trunks of vehicles passing through a distribution line. These volunteers were methodically checking in with families, ensuring they had the meals needed to enjoy their holidays. The distribution line stretched for several hundred yards.

“We always talk about wanting to help families extend their budgets, so if we can put a couple of meals on their table and that allows them to buy a Christmas gift for the kiddo, then that’s something we want to do,” said Craig Stoker, Director of Marketing at West Texas Food Bank.

The West Texas Food Bank has a partnership with Breaking Bread Ministries. In the photos below, you can see dozens of boxes holding food items that are stacked up high. It’s a weekend care package the West Texas Food Bank prepared for Breaking Bread Ministries to hand out. It’s so that volunteers with Breaking Bread Ministries can take time off to be with their own families. It’s just one act that shows how these nonprofits who care for the community also care for each other.

While families are getting taken care of, one thing rings true this holiday season: volunteers are the heart and the soul of these organizations.

“Without the love that’s brought in by the volunteers, in any capacity, whether it’s camp cleanup, or our mobile medical clinic, or our breakfast truck, the volunteers are it. They’re everything,” Atwater said.

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