MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The beginning of the school year brings concerns for many children and parents and bullying is one of those.

Lakacia Pryor is the mother of Tyrane Pryor who started getting bullied at the beginning of her school year, last year.

“Bullying has escalated to taking lives,” Pryor says.

Bullying has been around for a long time says suicide prevention advocate Amanda Provence. She is a part of the West Texas parents against bullying organization and says now it has reached intense levels in schools because of the age of social media.

“They are recorded and then it is posted on Facebook or TikTok or Instagram and as soon as that high wears off, as soon as the lights stop rolling in somebody comments on it and it pops up back to the front or next year it pops up in their memories and they share it again and that person that victim has to relive that over and over and over again,” Provence says.

The four types of bullying are physical, verbal, relational, and cyberbullying that can all traumatize a child.

Because of this local organization, a new bullying prevention system will be put in place at the beginning of this school year. With training for all ECISD school staff including every principal and assistant principal being re-trained on the investigative process when bullying is reported.

But also Provence says it’s a team effort while the school does their part, parents can too start with being vocal.

“Be loud, not angry if you don’t speak up, they can’t listen but when you mention lawyers or are you or your threatening or you’re aggressive they’re not going to listen,” Provence says.

But also make the necessary actions ASAP.

“If your child is experiencing suicidal ideation because of bullying, get them the help for that, if they are being physically assaulted, don’t wait for the school to do something,” Provence says. File a police report. If it’s something that reaches unlawfulness, contact authorities that can make that intervention that you possibly can’t

And Pryor says from her daughter’s experience parents should have an open dialogue with their kids.