ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – The Rodriguez quintuplets we introduced to you back in August are now safely home and doing well.

We had a chance to peak in on their special baby shower.

“I am feeling, I guess the best way to word it is I’m feeling blessed,” said Heather Langley, mother.

Not one — not two — but five little bundles of pure joy.

“It’s definitely upside down right now. We’re holding it together with coffee and prayers right now,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, Heather’s partner.

For mothers Heather and Priscilla it’s busy times but an answered prayer.

“I am just incredibly thankful for Dr. Pill for everything he did. We started in February and found out about all the five babies. And once they were born they were in the NICU until just recently with the first one coming home at the end of October and the last one coming home just at the end of last week,” said Langley.

Medical professionals at ORMC say this rare occasion happens maybe just once in a lifetime.

“It’s a great responsibility and we worked very hard. They all made it home safe and healthy, which was my main goal you know,” said Leela Pillarisetty, a medical doctor at ORMC.

Making nurses like Linda Rodriguez appreciate life a little more.

“It’s something you just dream about but think you’ll never live, and then all of a sudden one day, there it is. It just makes you appreciate medicine a lot more and love your job a lot more,” said Rodriguez.

For the family, they’re now stronger in numbers by five.

Mother Heather Langley says the blessings seem endless as they look to the future.

“I’ve got 6 amazing beautiful healthy daughters and I’m just excited to start this new chapter of all of them being home,” said Langley