Approx. 20 cars broken into early Monday in Andrews, two suspects arrested: police

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ANDREWS, Texas (Nexstar) – Andrews Police have arrested two people after a string of overnight car break-ins.

The first suspect is identified as 17-year-old X’Tavion Rollie. The second suspect is identified only as a juvenile male. Rollie has been charged with evading arrest, criminal trespass, and burglary of vehicles, according to Andrews County jail records.

The Andrews Police Department first shared surveillance video on its Facebook page of the thieves at one location. It shows one person rummaging through the truck of an unsuspecting homeowner. Shortly after, a second person walks up. It’s unclear if the two suspects got away with anything in the video, but Andrews Police say approximately 20 vehicles were broken into early Monday morning.

Andrews Police say the suspects targeted the Northeast part of town. That includes Rice Drive, Sartain Drive, Bronstad Drive, Mustang Drive, as well as NE 4th and 5th Streets.

Maria Olivas lives on NE Rice Drive. Maria says, she and her husband were woken up by the noise of their dog barking, but they didn’t think much of it.

“My dog was barking a lot,” said Olivas. “(I’m) scared because my truck is locked. But my purse is inside of the truck.”

She says neighbors in the area often leave their cars unlocked because they feel safe. Her husband’s work truck was parked in the drive way. It was left unlocked. Maria says it was rummaged through and Maria is not sure if anything important was taken. Her son, Diego, says this incident makes him want to look out for his family even more now.

“I’m very concerned,” said Diego. “Now, that I’m hearing this, I don’t feel safe.”

On Rice Drive, one homeowner said off-camera, officers were on her street all morning long. She said, the thieves left her car alone after they apparently realized her car was broken down.

Another homeowner said off camera that the thieves grabbed her daughter’s wallet, but later left it on the driveway.

A third homeowner tells us the surveillance video came from her neighbor on Rice Drive. She wanted to remain anonymous.

“It’s really scary because I got up this morning at 3:45. Apparently, they were outside here while I was inside getting ready for work. They could have been outside by my truck and I wouldn’t have even known it.”

The same homeowner says she is concerned for, not just her neighbors, but for any thieves looking to steal other people’s property.

“People have guns. I mean, I would hate for some young kid, some stupid kid, to be shot over a wallet with 2 dollars in it.”

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