ABC Big 2 News celebrates Founder’s Day with day of giving

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Nexstar Media Group, the parent company of ABC Big 2 News, is celebrating 25 years. The ABC Big 2 News family is observing the anniversary by serving the community.

This past weekend, more than 200 pounds of canned food donations were collected during an event to honor our “Founder’s Day of Caring.”

A handful of food trucks joined our cause, too, to benefit some valuable organizations.

“It’s about 110. But everybody is in good moods out here,” said Rory Couch of Fat Head Meats.

“I don’t mind being here at all. It’s for a good cause,” said Rosie of Rosie’s Rock’ N Takos.

By bringing canned food donations, people were given a golden ticket. It could be redeemed for just about anything. The purpose was all about “Feed the Need.” The main benefactor of the food drive is the non-profit, “Jesus House Odessa.”

“We have a food pantry, called ‘His Pantry.’ All proceeds from the canned goods are going to that and it helps families in need of groceries for the week,” said Elisha Ramirez of Jesus House Odessa. “We also have a soup kitchen that does breakfast, lunch, and dinners.”

The 501c3 non-profit says everything it has comes from the people with generous hearts living in the Basin.

“So, for events like this to happen, to be able to help fund what we do, really helps us to help others,” Ramirez said.

Ryan LeJeune of “Down South Seafood” brought his piece of Louisiana to the event: Cajun seafood, boiled crawfish, and shrimp.

“There’s a lot of people who can’t enjoy the food that we do today. They’re kind of picking their meals wherever they can. Doing something like this helps those guys a lot,” LeJeune said.

Every vendor present wanted to help. After all, our Founder’s Day centers on the idea of taking care of others.

“I’ve had a lot of help getting to where I’m at. As long as you treat people right and do right by people, this town is great to be around,” said Couch.

Kelli Zermeno is painting smiles at her Painted Pinup Face & Body Art booth.

“I love helping out, especially for people in need. I’ve been there myself, so this is a good cause,” Zermeno said.

Two of her clients got matching art.

“I’m so excited, I almost started crying getting this done,” said Jessica Ramirez. “I love getting stuff done with my friends.”

Even though the day was hot, several rounds of the game, “musical chairs” helped bring smiles to many.

Of course, the winner? It would be Jesus House Odessa that came out on top.

So, thank you, to everyone who came out to support such a good cause.

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