MIDLAND, Texas- With a limited amount of players, an injury could devastate Trinity.

That’s why their players have to practice at a variety of positions.

“We need to just get reps at each position that way if someone does go down then we know how to play at that position, said senior Andrew Varner. Varner listed his position as ‘whatever is needed’. “We’re not afraid or like don’t know what we’re doing when that time comes.”

The Chargers have fast athletes and will need to get them the ball in space to move down the field.

“We’re pretty confident in spread everyone can probably catch the ball and make sure that we just run and to our full potential,” said senior quarterback and defensive back Hagan Renfro.

The Chargers will take the fight to their opponents this year even with a small roster.

They believe their physicality and energy can win them games.

“We’re going to be more conditioned we’re going to be tougher and stronger than teams we’re playing against,” said Varner. “I think that’s going to show on the field this year.”

“We’re not soft,” said Renfro. “I’ll tell you that. We like to hit.”