A special memorial for an Odessa teen

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A mother's message to drive safe

“They didn’t give me no answers, I still feel empty in my heart.”

On May 21st of 2017, it was a dark day that Janie Villanueva will never forget.

“It’s hard to be the one when someone walks to your door and tells you your son was in an accident or your child was in an accident. “They wouldn’t even let us come down here to the crash scene they had us over here at the truck stop down the road and they wanted us to wait for a highway patrol to get there to get us to know what was going on,” says Villanueva.

Hours later getting the news that no parent ever wants to hear. “They finally came and told us that he didn’t make it.”

Her ambitious son, Miguel Saenz, struck by a drunk driver head-on while on his way to pick up his younger sister.

She says “he loved the car scene, he loved photography, he was going to college. He wanted to go to Tokyo, that was his main main dream is to go to Tokyo and live out there.”

Instead, a family is left with memories and questions that no one has answered, for now, finding comfort in a supportive community Thursday as they commemorate their son with a sign.

“I feel a lot of hope and happiness because I know that you know he is right up there proud of me telling me that I’m going the right way.”

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