MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A Midland man is being remembered as a compassionate father and as a loving husband.

27-year-old Brock Banlowe was a goofy dad. He never minded putting on a comical act for his family.

“Want to take a picture? Cheese!” Brock says in a dated video with his infant son, Beck.

“Cheese…” grins Beck.

Brock Banlowe had many dreams. One of his dreams was to have his own family. He accomplished that.

Brock even married his best friend, Nictoria.

“We were always laughing, giggling, singing songs, dancing with our kids. We were the cliché couple,” Nictoria mused. “You would probably gag around us.”

The two had a child together, Beck. The infant boy is a carbon-copy of his father, Nictoria said.

“They literally call him, ‘Chocolate Brock.’ He’s a tan version of his dad,” Nictoria laughed, holding Beck in her arms.

Nictoria has a young son from a past relationship. Together, all four made for an adorable family. There was no doubt that Brock was a great father, spending any free moment with the children.

But this story of love is a heart-breaking one.

Brock recently passed away. His death was sudden. Nictoria asked to keep the cause of his passing private, for now.

“He was the first man I ever met who made me feel beautiful. He loved everything about me. He was an honest man,” Nictoria said. “I don’t know how someone that good… goes. He was teaching me how to be better.” 


The couple had just moved from Odessa to Midland, where they bought a house together several months ago. It was where they planned to raise a family.

The two were preparing for the rest of their lives together. Without Brock by her side anymore, Nictoria is recalling the precious memories with her life partner.

Nictoria said, Brock would help anybody. The Arkansas native was a hard-worker who took care of his family. Brock’s friends knew he had a great sense of humor, too. He was also a smart man, who appreciated music.

“He played the guitar, the drums. He bought me my first ukulele and taught me how to play. I would sing with him,” Nictoria recalled.

Whenever Brock and Nictoria watched movies together, Brock would pause the film if he heard a word he was unfamiliar with.

“He would stop the whole movie, look up the word, and know what it meant, because he loved information. He loved to know everything,” she said.

Brock lit up Nictoria’s world, which has since grown dim.

The two were married for a year-and-a-half. But they never had a wedding with guests. Nictoria and Brock were saving up for one. The couple was busy planning for that special day. The wedding ceremony was set to happen in two months.

“This man was going to be the man who was going to cry when I walked down the aisle. I know it. He cried when [Beck] was born. Anything beautiful he ever did, he cried,” Nictoria said, adding that Brock was never afraid to show his own emotions. 

Brock knew how to make his life partner happy. He picked the perfect ring for Nictoria. But after Brock’s passing, Nictoria was left to pick up her wedding band from the jewelers, on her own.


Brock’s legacy will live on in many ways: through his values, his family, the house he and Nictoria worked hard to buy, as well as the ring that Brock gave Nictoria, promising his love forever.

“If there is anything after this life, we will find each other again,” Nictoria said. “He told me he will find me. And if I could tell him anything, it’s that I will find him again.”

Nictoria has since returned to work after Brock’s death. She has been kept busy making his funeral arrangements, while she cares for the children.

Nictoria said Brock was her family’s primary breadwinner. In the days since his death, Nictoria has created a fundraiser to help her family stay afloat while they grieve.

If interested, you can find the fundraiser here.