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ODESSA, TX(Big 2/ Fox 24) – Many in the Basin made a trip to the one-stop-shop at the 37th Annual Merry Marketplace in Odessa. All of the proceeds from the event go towards three projects that help those in need.

Lisa Sutton-Housman, chairman of Merry Marketplace says the main purpose to raise money for those in need, especially children. She has been part of this event for years and her passion lies within it.

“Kids in the Kitchen our signature junior league project nationwide signature project,” Housman says. “Then we have the free little library and the first five. We focus on poverty from birth to five years old.”

Housman says the fundraiser has been preparing for this moment all year round

“We have 7,000 people walking in the door,” she says. Whenever you see all the people come you realize it’s worth it.”

Some shoppers say knowing where and what their money goes to puts a smile on their faces.

 leaf faller
“It’s great to help people in need,” says Leaf Faller, a shopper. “Because even though there are boom times here in the Permian Basin there are still people who need help and it’s great that this community gathers together.” 

Others add the Permian Basin can be a very giving community. 
“As a junior league member myself, I think shopping at the Merry Market not only do they bring great vendors for you guys to shop but knowing that all of that money that you generate is going back to our community is fantastic,” says Erica Simmons, a vendor.

Shoppers say they’re more inclined to spend knowing the proceeds will not only feed the needy but also educate them.

“We’re teaching young children how to maintain little snacks that they can do on their own we’re showing them how to eat healthily,” says Simmons

Tomorrow will be the last day for you to shop at the Merry Marketplace from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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