STANTON, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Many of the Buffaloes said last season brought a lot of doubters as they finished with an overall record of 5-7 and 0-4 in their division, ending in fourth. Now, they are back to prove they can fight and they belong; they believe in themselves and hope that belief can catch on soon.

After losing in the area round of playoffs to Brady, head coach Cody Hogan and company look to move on and are not planning on looking back.

“We talked about it a little bit, but the biggest point we’re telling the kids is that we have to take another step beyond that. So, what happened then, it’s not good enough anymore,” emphasized Coach Hogan.

Many players said the doubt got to their heads last year, but now they want to use it to their benefit and prove themselves in a tough division.

“We can improve our mentality for sure. Last year we had so many doubters, and I feel like that kind of pushed us down a bit, but throughout the season we got a little better, so I feel like we can improve more this year,” said senior offensive and defensive Tackle Raphel Rivera.

Senior running back Ryan Andler wants to leave his mark after he sat back last year waiting for his opportunity to come.

He finished the season with 32.9 yards per game and 2 touchdowns, so he said he is hungry for more and looking to fill a role his team is missing.

He plays both running back and defensive end, which he said only makes him want to help his team more.

“It just puts me in a spot to help my team better. So, I try to do my best to condition for that,” said an eager Andler.

Facing a tough district with teams slated in the top 25 in the state, including Abernathy, Idalou and Lubbock Roosevelt, the Buffaloes are expecting fierce competition with their rivals this season.

“I think it just puts more of a fire and desire inside of us because since they’re our rivals we just want to beat them more. We play better, we do everything we do harder so we can beat them,” added Andler.

The Buffaloes only have one thing they would like say to those who do not believe in what they’re about to do.

Rivera urged, “They’re always doubting us. So hopefully this year we can prove them wrong. Don’t underestimate us.”

“Buff nation…Let’s ride!” Andler said.

While the Buffaloes know they are facing one of the deepest districts in West Texas this season, they are ready for the fight.