MCCAMEY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Home to the mighty Badgers, McCamey High had a stellar season last year, winning their district.

Even with the incredible 5-0 finish in district, the Badgers have now been slated to finish second, behind the Wink Wildcats. But for Head Coach Michael Woodard and company, the mentality has not changed.

“It’s the same mentality that we, we always hard work, hard work and love you know, we’re going to outwork, out condition, that’s the foundation of what we are. When you play small town 2A West Texas football, the winner of the game is not always the most talented, it’s not always the best game. It’s the one that can go in the fourth quarter and we are driven to be the team that’s got the most energy and the legs to win the fourth quarter.”

Focusing on this season, the Badgers said backing each other is a big key to their continued success.

“That’s the big thing we need to do help each other out, motivate each other, tell each other, we got to do this, got to do that,” said senior left guard and left defensive tackle John Silva.

At the same time, they also emphasized staying healthy and working hard to make sure they can remain injury-free all season.

Junior defensive end and left tackle, Xavier Vazquez, mentioned, “Staying healthy. We have our star players and our team that we need to stay healthy. So, staying healthy is a great thing for us.”

Vazquez also said in the past, the fight and drive wasn’t as strong until this season.

“I was still a little scared playing bigger guys. But this year I feel like I’ve taken that attitude of, I got to go hit somebody in the mouth or they’re going to hit me,” he added.

Right now, Coach Woodard is heavily focused on trying to get their offensive line back to where it was last season, after losing several key seniors.

“We lost some really strong offensive linemen and there and we got some kids having to fill those shoes and they’re doing a great job learning so far. Of course, they’re not where those guys were. But, I see in the future, if they keep working like they are right now, that they’re gonna get there,” Woodard said.

For Woodard, all he can say is that he hopes the Permian Basin can see the potential in these young athletes.

“I hope the Permian Basin is paying attention to McCamey, not because I promise you that we’re going to win games because these kids work hard and they are something the Permian Basin should be proud of.”

McCamey kicks off their 2022 season against long time rival Crane on Friday August 26th.