ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Permian Imaging has put Odessa on the map for advanced technology in the healthcare system by being the 1st location with open weight bearing MRI’s offered in the West Texas area.

Dr. Benjamin Qurioz is the owner of Permian Imaging.

“We’re really excited to be bringing this type of technology into the Permian Basin its one of three machines in the state.”

As an Odessa native Dr. Qurioz is not only proud but excited to bring this techonology in the area.

“It’s fantastic being born and raised in Odessa and coming back and bringing and raising my family here and being exposed to all different types of health care professional and health care advancements and technology I’m really honored to be able to bring that into the community and I think we are all going to benefit from it in the region,” says Dr. Qurioz.

What sets Permian Imaging apart from other medial centers and medical practices in the state is the G-Scan Brio machine located in his building and what it can perform.

“That adds weight to a MRI study most MRI’s are done in a tube and laying down when there is no pressure on the spine, says Dr. Qurioz.

But that’s not all.

“With our G-scan brio the machine takes two MRI’s one laying down and then the whole machine will rotate and add weight to the study and compare the teo where you can see the buldge and the true extent of your injury,” says Dr. Qurioz.

This rotating machine not only offer weight bearing MRI’s but also open MRI’s, static x-ray, video fluoroscopy and diagnostic ultrasound.