Local medical spas see increase in cosmetic procedures post Pandemic


ODESSA, TX (NEXSTAR) — As more people venture back out into their communities since the COVID-19 pandemic, medical spa’s are seeing an increase in appointments for injections and other cosmetic procedures and local doctors in the Basin are seeing that rise first hand as well.

At Forever Young Spa in Odessa, employees say they have seen a huge uptick in appointments for injections, filler, Botox, and other small cosmetic procedures. Even to the point of having to increase their staff to accommodate the growing demand.

“We have seen a large increase in the number of appointments people are requesting and so we’ve actually added 7 injectors to our staff to allow for more flexibility and times that people can come in and book appointments.”

The medical spa is looking to provide more flexibility as COVID-19 can limit some patients’ availability, they’ve made appointments now available on weekends and evenings to accommodate their guests.

“Now that we’re out and we’re starting to get back out and interact with others then we all want to feel more beautiful and more confident about ourselves and so this is a way that you can naturally start to turn back the clock of time, still looking like yourself, but a more youthful rested version of yourself.”

During the pandemic people also had more time scrolling through social media.

“People seeing what results are possible has encourage them to start coming in and seeing some of their own results, they still look like themselves but they get that post pandemic youthful look.”

Some of the most common appointments they’re making are for dermal-fillers.

“We can do fillers to the lips, we can do them to the cheeks to the nasal labial folds, marionettes, to have that turning back the clock look in a natural way.”

And other injections…..

“Whether that be Botox, which is one that several people know the name of, or disport or which are three of our nuero-modulators that we offer and that’s basically working to relax the facial muscles to provide a natural and yet more youthful expression.”

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