Local Latina’s get recognized at Cinco de Mayo Lunch


A day full of pride for the Hispanic community. Cinco de mayo is a holiday celebrating the Mexican Army’s victory over the french forces in 1862.

“I’m very proud of my culture. I love my culture,” says Michelle Cervantes 

Six Hispanic women were honored at the lunch for their leadership and representation in the hispanic community. Cervantes at a loss for words as she recieved her award.

“It’s very, how do I say it, I guess kinda speechless because I never expected myself to be even recognized.”

Cervantes saying it’s a sense of pride she can’t explain and a surprise she will never forget, “aye un orgullo. Un orgullo que uno no se puede explicar, una surpresa para mi primero para dicir eso.”

The Fire Marshall hopes the award leaves a lasting impression on those that come after her 

“I told my daughters too I hope it can be an inspiration for women in any kind of a profession.”

Another winner, Megaly Nieto,  says she hopes winning the award sends a strong messege to those who speak english as a second language 

“like I said, anything is possible as long as you set your mind to that.”

As for winning the award on the weekend of cinco de mayo? Cervantes says it makes it even more powerful; “for it to be recognized and to see people here, we’re only growing. It just falls in place”

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