A new juice shop in downtown Midland is helping you stay healthy and avoid getting sick this winter.

The owner of Good Good Juice Company says her products are just as delicious as they are good for you.

“I’ve got beets and the citrus flavors, the green juice, people the love green juice,” says owner Sarah Mangus.

Sarah has been juicing for years.

“I felt the benefits for me. My friends felt the benefits and people just started ordering it because they realized how good it was for digestion and for energy levels.”

After seeing the all the incredible health benefits her juices had on people, Sarah wanted everyone to get a taste, so she opened Good Good Juice Company at the Midland Micro-Market in August.

“I try to make it where people that don’t like green juice can like green juice too,” says Sarah.

On top her extensive juice menu, Good Good Juice also offers smoothies and avocado toas.

She says each recipe is made with raw fruits and veggies that boost energy and fight inflammation.

“That’s the fundamental part of all diseases”, says Sarah. “You know it all starts with inflammation so if you can rid your body of that than you have a better chance of staying healthy.”

And don’t let the delicious taste of her drinks fool you. Sarah says they never add any sugar.

“We don’t add any of the added sugars or anything that’s going to skyrocket your blood sugar or counteract any effects of the juice,” says Sarah.

A little pro tip: Sarah says if you’re looking to boost your immune system this winter, order the “Happy Day Citrus.” It has a ton of healthy ingredients like lemon, turmeric, and ginger.

You can stop by Good Good Juice Company or order juices for pick-up Tuesday through Saturday.

To see more of what Good Good Juice Company has to offer, check out the video above.