Local girl scouts navigating around COVID-19


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest are preparing to sell their cookies this week, but they’ve run into some challenges because of COVID-19. While local Girl Scouts said they were at first concerned about how they would be able to sell their cookies safely, they’re not going to let anything stop them.

“This year my goal is to sell 5,000 boxes of cookies which is a lot lower than what I usually sell,” said Odessa Girl Scout Vanessa.

In a normal year, Girl Scouts like Vanessa aim to sell 10,000 boxes of cookies. But this year Vanessa is going to make some adjustments on how she will sell.

“I try to implement contactless payment and delivery in my selling and advertising online as much as I can,” Vanessa said.

In Vanessa’s 10 years as a Girl Scout, she’s never come across a challenge like this. But in the midst of navigating around unusual circumstances, the Girls Scouts said that’s what they’re all about.

“We learn to go with the change and make a positive change,” said Amy Alvarado, Development Manager for GSDSW.

“So, we are implementing different things whether it is through social media, the girls will do contactless cookie sales, we do Grub Hub this year which is new for us and exciting, and we’ll also do drive-thru booths.”

While COVID-19 has impacted how the Girl Scouts sell cookies, they still want everyone to know they’re here to serve the community.

“The girls are the ones that make the decision on what they want to do with the money that they earn,” Alvarado said. ” So, it’s a really good learning skill for them to learn business skills on the money that they earn and what they want to do with it.”

As for Vanessa, she just wants everyone to have fun, one box at a time.

“I just hope that this season is fun and that the girls don’t get discouraged,” Vanessa said. ” I myself, I don’t think I’ll have a problem keeping my hopes up.”

The Girls Scouts of the Desert Southwest will start selling their cookies in person starting on Jan. 24. For more information on how you can buy cookies virtually, visit their website.

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