Local family robbed twice in one week, suspect caught on camera


WEST ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Amy Ramirez Franco is showing the damage caused by an unknown man.

That man stole almost everything from them one week ago. Twenty-thousand dollars worth to be exact.

“They just came in, twenty minutes, and took everything,” Franco said. “They stole tools. They stole jewelry. They stole money. They stole my sister’s iPhone.”

Amy says that iPhone held precious memories of her late sister, who had recently died.

This first break-in happened under the cover of darkness. A man was captured on Amy’s surveillance camera, moments before he smashed the camera to pieces.

“My daughter said, the monster broke the door,” Franco said.

Amy is a mother of four, and soon to be five. With what they had left, Amy and her family started to rebuild last week. First, by replacing the cameras. Then, by continuing on with their life. That was until Amy got another notification on her phone last Friday night.

“I called my husband, ‘Hey are you home?” Franco said.

“No,” her husband said.

“Someone is breaking in,” Franco recalls.

There was a man at her doorstep. Amy says it was the same man. It wasn’t until 40 minutes later, the indoor alarm was triggered.

This time, the crook flipped the security cameras up. Amy says he meticulously unscrewed the plank of wood covering her shattered door.

“I don’t know what’s going on. They already stole everything that we owned,” Franco said. “All we had left was a TV and a laptop. “

The thief took those, too. They also took Amy’s peace of mind.

“You know, I sleep at night. I have my alarm on, but I’m still hearing noises. My phone goes off detecting somebody, I’m still in that process, ‘Are they back? What do they want?’ My family is here,” Franco said. “The little bit that we had left, they just took it.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Ector County Sheriff’s Office at (432) 335-3050.

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