Local Doctor speaks on Delta Variant


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- There are now four-confirmed cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Midland.

Chief Medical Officer for Odessa Regional Medical Center, Dr. Rohith Saravanan said the newer variants spread quickly from one person to the other.

According to Dr. Saravanan, the new Delta Variant does not change the severity of Covid-19.

However, he said it’s more contagious.

“We know it spreads quickly but it spreads quickly within a large population so exponential growth.”

The Delta Variant was first discovered in India but, Dr. Saravanan said this variant may have been here before the first case was actually discovered.

“But it was not causing a disease burden for us to worry about which means it wasn’t causing a huge spike in cases,” Dr. Saravanan said.

Dr. Saravanan says children are slightly at a lower risk to contract the Delta variant. Nonetheless, there continue to be risks that can lead to severe complications that can occur in children.

“We’ve heard of the multi-sensitive inflammatory syndrome that can actually kill children,” Dr. Saravanan said.

One way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated.

If you are vaccinated and you catch the Delta variant you won’t get as sick as you would without the vaccine.

“You won’t require hospitalization, you won’t require ICU and you may not require a ventilator,” Dr. Saravanan said.

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