Local community protest in support of a ‘Free Cuba’


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Cubans and supporters gathered outside the Ector County Courthouse on Tuesday asking to be heard. They are asking government officials to help in their fight for a free Cuba.

La Cubanita, Cook, Alex Rodriguez, left Cuba a year ago hoping to provide a better life to his daughter.

“My biggest heartache is not being able to be with my daughter. I had to leave my daughter behind in Cuba, and I did it knowing I was going to hurt missing her but, I had to do it so I could give her a better life,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he lived his whole life in Cuba. He has two bachelor’s in accounting and mathematics but, was never able to make enough to provide for his family. So he chose to come to the U.S so his family could have what he wasn’t able to give them back home.

Rodriguez said he was sad about not being able to spend her birthday with her next week.

“I won’t be able to call her to call her because the government has cut the internet, so imagine how much I am hurting,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and others have gathered peacefully every day since Sunday in support of Cubans all over the country.

Maria Isalgue said she was tired of living in dire situations and decided to move to the U.S six years ago.

“We want to be heard, we want the government to do something. I want my people to feel like they are not alone,” Isague said.

Protesters shouted “We want freedom” and “We are no longer afraid.”

Audris Perez said she has family who is sick with cancer and they have no access to medication.

“We are living in a time where the government who have weapons is oppressing a people without any weapons,” Perez said.

Protesters said Cuba is facing the worst economic crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Perez says people are being killed, there is no medication available, young children are being recruited by the government to fight their own people.

“We are asking for help, they are killing us, they are killing our family. We can’t allow it. We need help, for a free Cuba, for a prosperous Cuba, for an Independent Cuba, we need help”

Protestors said they can’t communicate with people in Cuba right now because the internet was cut by the government. People like Rodriguez, Isalgue, and Perez want them to know they stand with them and will fight with them until change happens.

” We left so that our family members our friends could have just a better life, even if it was a little bit better. But we are never far away, we have you all in our hearts, ” Isague said.

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