Local car washes seeing long lines


ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – After last week’s storm, there are a lot of dirty vehicles on the roads. Many Odessans waited for quite a while just to get their cars cleaned.

Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa said it cleaned more than 300 cars just in one day, and it’s expecting that number to go up.

“I think everyone’s dirty so I don’t know if there are any more dirty cars left,” said Tammy Moquin, Manger of Crazy Clean Car Wash. “We had some frozen pipes so we weren’t open until Saturday, but we’ve been really busy.”

Jasmin Duran was one of many who got their cars washed.

“My car was what was messed up the most, it had snow it was dirty, I had just washed it before,” Duran said.

Duran was lucky, she got there early and didn’t have to wait too long to get her car cleaned. But that wasn’t the case for drivers behind her.

“They’re probably going to be waiting 10-15 minutes, that’s a long line, they’re starting to park out in the street,” Duran said.

While this car wash is busy, Jessica Berry said lines at other car washes she saw were worse.

“They were all the way out into the street lines,” Berry said. “This one was actually the shortest line we found.”

But many people are trying to forget last week’s snow and are just be happy about being at the car wash.

“It just feels good to have a clean car,” said Erin Gwilliam. “It kind of feels like we are putting everything back in line, after the crazy week of snow.”

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