Local Car Dealership Apologizes After Employee’s Facebook Post

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A Monahans car dealership employee faces criticism after a Facebook post surfaces encouraging people to come buy a new car “before you have a breakdown, and end up dead at the hands of your local police,” according to the post.

The Facebook post, which appears to be under a personal account, asks customers to visit WestStar Autoplex.

We called the dealership Wednesday asking to speak with the man listed as the Facebook user, under the name “Eric,”  and he identified himself as the man behind the post. He declined to comment further.

The post comes less than a week after officials say an unarmed black man was shot and killed by police in Tulsa after his car broke down.

The post has received backlash on social media has even prompted reaction from law enforcement in the Monahans and Ward county community.

WestStar Autoplex responded to the Facebook post on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon. The business apologized for its employee’s post and expressed that WestStar Autoplex does not agree with what the post says:

Officials told Local 2/Fox 24 that the employee is “no longer with us.”

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