A local bakery is putting a lot of love in its treats. L’Oven Expressions Bakery has been a staple in Odessa for years now.

The bakery, located off of 42nd near Grandview, has provided custom cakes and cookies to West Texas for more than a decade. It specializes in weddings cakes, but can pretty much do it all.

“Specialty cakes, we also carry cupcakes, design cookies and gourmet cookies,” says owner Lawana Smith.

Smith has owned the bakery since 2011. She has a wealth of knowledge, being in the baking industry for more than 30 years. She wanted to use her talents for her own business.

On the website you’ll see options for any event. Right now “Back to School” cookies are popular, but the bakery also does birthday treats and any holiday.

“Weddings get the most attention, but we can do custom cakes for ages 1 to 100,” says Smith.

Besides making delicious treats, Smith also believes in giving back. Her business does a lot of charity work with events like Pink the Park.

“We’re a business that believes in Odessa,” says Smith.

The bakery is open every day except Sunday.

For more on L’Oven Expressions Bakery, check out the video above.