MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The Legacy High School Band, partnered with Midland Independent School District, is raising funds to invest in a new custom semi-trailer.

With their current semi-trailer being 27 years old and heavily depended upon to transport expensive instruments and equipment to and from various shows, the Band Booster has been challenged to keep it operational each year.

The new trailer will be custom designed to protect and transport the band’s instruments, equipment, performance props, and uniforms. This will add efficiencies to effectively make use of the student’s time, as they are responsible for loading and unloading the trailer. Safety features will also be added to with the addition of a motorized lift.

“Music programs across the nation are notoriously underfunded. Statistics show that students who are in band experience higher test scores, higher graduation rates, better attendance rates, and lower discipline referrals” says the Head of Bands, Mr. Steven Dojahn.

The Midland Independent School District has contributed 50% of the total cost. This leaves $100,000 left for the band to raise. With over 150 members in the band, the Mighty Rebel Band is excited about this opportunity.

All LHS Alumni and the community of Midland is invited to join the LHS Band Booster on Saturday, March 25th from 11:30am to 2pm at the gym parking lot on the Legacy High School campus to tour the current trailer and support fundraising efforts.

For more information or to donate to this campaign, please visit the fundraising website.