ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Here’s one way to cool down. Even with the Texas heat, one Odessa boy was on a mission this afternoon to earn enough money to buy himself a parakeet.

Five-year-old Erickson Macias from Odessa said he’s wanted a parakeet for months and after a while of doing chores to earn some money around the house, he decided to take a different route by starting a lemonade stand.

While most people are preparing for fireworks and all the 4th of July festivities today, Erickson chose to go to work.

He said he’s been saving up money by doing household chores so he and his younger sister could go buy themselves a pet parakeet.

Little did Erickson know his mom posted it on Facebook and there was a huge outpour of support as people stopped by to buy some lemonade.

Erickson’s grandmother said she can’t believe how kind and thoughtful people have been but is grateful for every bit of it.

Grandma, Jennifer Kelley exclaimed, “I was so impressed because car after car after car, was coming. Just people were so so nice. Everybody was handing out money, and giving it to him for lemonade…And brownies, the brownies were good!”

Later in the day, Erickson sold out of lemonade, brownies, and muffins, but what he least expected was about to happen next, someone had bought him a parakeet and brought it to him.

He said he’s named the bird Scooter and can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done today.

“Thank you everyone for all you did today,” said Erickson.

His dad said Erickson was able to raise just over $300 on the day and with that money, he went out to get another bird shortly after so Scooter would have some company. Now, Erickson has two parakeets, Scooter and Ari and said this was a very successful day.