Last-minute Halloween decoration & gift ideas


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Halloween is right around the corner! Lots of money and preparation goes into celebrating the spooky holiday each year, but you don’t have to break the bank to make your home festive.

In fact, you may even have things lying around the house that you can turn into haunted decorations. Kerri-Lee Mayland, an interior designer and founder of the Kerri-Lee Mayland Company has easy ways to make your decorations, and spooky gifts stand out this year:

Lawn Ghosts

“For less than $10 you can create a ghastly ghost, sure to spook all your trick or treaters!”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

How to make it: 

  • Get a styrofoam ball
  • Take a piece of rebar or something from around your home that you can stick into the ground, and put the styrofoam ball on
  • Find an old white sheet you can rip. (Make it look tattered so your ghost has a layered, fluttery look)
  • Draw on two black eyes with a Sharpie
  • Spray for water resistance

Spooky Stick Centerpiece

“This is fun and so easy. Go around your yard and find a stick or piece of a bush. Spray paint it. You can do gold, black, orange, or white. Get a tootsie roll or lollipop and turn it into a ghost with a piece of tissue. We just used a piece of twine to twine them onto the piece and there you go,” said Mayland.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

How to make it:

  • Find a branch from the yard or park. Preferably with smaller branches on it and not too big so it doesn’t tip.
  • Get a can of spray paint and cover it completely. You can add sparkles too!
  • Spray paint a terracotta plant black, fill it with rocks and sand and put the branch in it.
  • Get a bag of lollipops or tootsie rolls, cover with a tissue.
  • Tie them at the top of the stick with twine, draw on two eyes and tie them to different branches. 

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

“Maybe you’re thinking about doing the good ol’ fashioned flower thing as a gift. Everybody loves those but let’s make it fun, using gourds from the grocery store that are around a buck each.”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

How to make it:

  • Hollow out a larger pumpkin
  • Place a can inside to keep your arrangement together, or if it’s a smaller pumpkin, you don’t need to carve it.
  • Put flowers inside that you get from the grocery store or even your yard.
  • You can incorporate the lid into the arrangement using a toothpick. 
  • You can also do this with a faux pumpkin, just use silk flowers so it lasts longer!

These decorations and gift ideas are so easy and are bound to take your Halloween celebrations to the next level. For more on Kerri-Lee’s company click here. 

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