Large crowd in Odessa confronts tow truck driver


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Everything started with a peaceful gathering at club 305 on Sunday afternoon.

A group of people allegedly assaulted a truck driver who was towing a car from West Texas Emergency Clinic parking lot.

Veterinarian at West Texas Emergency Clinic, Dr. Willis was working Sunday afternoon and saw everything happen.

“Certain people were coming over here, parking their cars, walking across the street, and it became more and more.”

Dr. Willis said that one of the clinic’s receptionists went out and kindly asked people across the street if they could move their cars.

“Because we were very busy yesterday and the parking is for our clients,” Willis said.

Dr. Willis said the response that the crowd said to the receptionist was something she could not say on camera.

Soon after the receptionist asked Dr. Willis if she wanted her to call the tow truck.

Dr. Willis responded, “If they are starting to park here then we are going to lose our parking so yes, call the tow truck driver.”

When the truck driver showed up, that’s when the chaos began.

“They kind of rushed across the street kind of in mob form and assaulted the tow truck driver,” Dr. Willis said.

ARS tow truck driver, Troy Pearson said ” 40-50 people crossed the street, and I think I was probably assaulted by six or seven of them, with beer, a beer got me in the side of the face.”

Pearson said the mob of people unloaded the car from his truck, which caused damage to the car.

“So if you are going to steal the vehicle from my truck once it’s in my possession. You are more than welcome to do that, then I’m more than welcome to report stuff stolen too.”

OPD did show up, but no charges were filed, according to Pearson.

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