Landgraf: ERCOT identifies three factors that might have impacted electricity supply



ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Representative Brooks Landgraf says ERCOT officials have identified three factors that could have an impact on the supply of and demand for electricity this week:

  • Wind was not generating as much capacity as expected.
  • An unusually high number of generators had mechanical failures.
  • Texas saw record setting demand not seen before in the month of June.

In response, ERCOT says it took the following steps:

  • Called on all electricity generators to begin producing power for the grid.
  • Sent a “Conservation Notice” to all customers.

Conservation Notices are a standard tool used by all grids and have been used in Texas by ERCOT 22 times since 2014. 

After Monday’s Conservation Notice was sent out, Texans reduced demand by 3000 MW, according to a message from Landgraf.

ERCOT also gave assurance that it is investigating the unusually high amount of forced maintenance outages, while also improving communications with the public to avoid unnecessary alarm moving forward.

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