La Nortena Tamale Factory opens Odessa location


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – The popular La Nortena Tamale Factory has opened its newest location in Odessa.

Simon Castillo is one of the general managers. He recently opened up to Big 2 News about his family history behind the restaurant.

His grandfather opened the very first location, in Pecos, more than a half-century ago.

“When he bought that restaurant through a couple of changing hands, he immediately started crafting with the tamales and the rest of the menu that we have today,” said Castillo. “It’s been a lot of detail to recipe and to tradition and trying to continue that through changing times and supplies and different regulations but the origins of it I mean it’s been family tradition.”

Castillo says his family immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. They worked hard to be able to start the first restaurant and to keep it running today and expand to other locations.

At its new location in Odessa, he shared what the recent expansion means to him and his family.

“To be a part of a second community you know, I want to embrace it the same way as I embraced pecos home,” explained Castillo.

Theresa Johnson, another manager with the organization, says part of that recipe for success has not just been the focus on creating delicious food.

Our customers mean everything to us,” said Johnson. “We know a lot of them by name. A lot of them come in every day, we’re very excited to see them and start them off on their day. Some of them come back and pick up their dinner. So, they mean the world to us!

Years from now, La Nortena Tamale Factory hopes to leave more than just delicious memories behind.

“I think legacy if anything should be to consistently remember that of what you represent,” said Castillo. “And that’s, you know, God before all. Your family that you do everything for and then the protection or the guidance and the care of those people within your company.”

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