Knackel app: Turning airports into global chat rooms


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Knackel is a unique app that allows fellow travelers to meet each other at the airport, on their flight, or final destination.

Once you sign up, you select either an airport, airline, or even a specific flight. The app will bring you into a public chat room where you can message people that share similar travel information. You can ask them questions, find airport/airline reviews, and see photos of your destination. If you make a friend on your flight, you can even change your seat to sit together. 

“Our brand is founded off the concept of a plane-ger, which is a stranger on a plane. You can go into these chat rooms and find people you connect with and make those flights, which will already be anxiety-induced with everything going on in the world, just a little bit easier. Knowing that you can go in and sit with someone that you share conversation with, and have something in common with is our goal,” said Charles Bellantoni, Knackel app developer. 

Bellantoni said the app started out as a place for people to share casual conversation but has turned into a reliable way for people to find out about Covid-19 safety protocols where they’re traveling. 

“The community has now come together and started helping each other. Asking general questions in terms of ‘How is this airport?’ ‘What are some of the safe spots?’ ‘Where can I feel most comfortable?’” 

Through the Knackel app you can also find great deals at local businesses near your destination. 

“Let’s say you’re going to Miami June 5th through the 10th. What a business can do is target any travelers who add Miami International Airport between those date ranges, that their deal runs within. What essentially happens is you get the deal fed to you. It’s kind of like curated deals presented to travelers, targeting the days in which they’re going,” said Bellantoni.

You can even get year-round deals in the Permian Basin if you add Midland International Air and Space Port as your hometown airport.

“Any company, any business, or service that runs a deal targeting MAF throughout the year, if it’s tied to your hometown airport, you will get deals all year long. So you can know exactly what’s happening in your market without even leaving your home or planning a trip,” said Bellantoni. 

As travel picks up, Knackel continues to expand its features. 

“We’ve launched a new feature where you can search users by trip. You can go in and search not only the destination but you can filter it down to exact dates, so you can see if there are any other travelers on the app, going to the same location as you. You can add them, message them, ask questions, and overall feel it out and see who is available to network and link with,” said Bellantoni. 

As part of the fun deals you can get, Knackel just announced it’s teaming up with GLDN CODE jewelry on an all-new energy infused men’s jewelry line, embodying the backpack, boojie and businessman traveler.

To learn more about the app and how to download click here.

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