The “Kiss and Kill” murder case is making headlines once again.

You’ll recall this murder happened in Odessa, back in 1961.

Recently, the killer in this case, John Mack Herring died at 75.

His recent death has the community talking again.

“I think you would call it one of those rights of passage type things, like, ‘Oh your new to OHS, have you heard about Betty?'” said Jasper Miranda, OHS Alumni. 

The infamous murder, has never left the minds of Odessans.

The “Kiss and Kill” murder trial was a tragic story featuring two Odessa high students.  

Betty Williams, the victim and John Mack Herring, the killer.

As the story goes, in 1961, football player Herring confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend Betty.

 Allegedly, Betty asked him to pull the trigger.

“Especially a school like OHS that’s been around for so long. You figure a lot of these old schools, old buildings– these walls have a lot of stories to tell and she’s probably just part of one of those stories,” said Miranda. 

Herring was found not guilty of shooting and killing Betty.

Decades later, some OHS students and alumni have their own tales.

They believe Betty still walks the halls of OHS.

“I always just remember being in drill team or band. Nobody is in there but you sure feel it was either cold or just felt like somebody is there. Somebody definitely was there or something that you just cant explain. and if it was Betty then like I said shes part of the school, she will always be part of that school.” said Miranda.

After the trial, Herring never left West Texas.

He died at the age of 75. No word yet on the cause of death.