Keeping cars locked during times like graduation


For these past few weeks it’s been graduation time! That means a lot of smiling faces, and bright futures. Unfortunately it also means a lot of possible car break-ins.

“It’s important that you don’t leave a lot of expensive valuables in your car. Because if you do you are probably going to lose them,” says Sheriff Mike Griffis of Ector County.

Griffis says that while police may be on patrol during times like graduation, that doesn’t mean thieves won’t be out.

“It’s a prime place for thieves to be checking inside your doors, and checking for valuables inside your car,” says Griffis.

Griffis points out item like wallets and purses are prime targets for burglars. But believe it or not, concealed weapons inside cars are stolen virtually every time.

“That is something they could sell on the street pretty easy,” says Griffis. “And it’s also something they can use in one of their future endeavors. So don’t leave that stuff in your car.”

Finally, Griffis points out in large parking areas, like Ratliff Stadium, it’s always smart to park in well-lit areas. This is so that your car can be seen even from a distance.

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