MIDLAND, Texas–All of the Christmas presents have been unwrapped and now there’s a lot of trash making it’s way to the streets of West Texas.

There are several things that people in the community can do to make sure your area remains cleaner, even after the holidays. While some probably don’t think about what happens after that pretty wrapping paper or those big boxes filled with endless joy are opened on Christmas morning, but it is highly recommended to take a second look and make sure no trash gets loose. Not just for the sake of keeping your community clean, but it could be for the safety of your own homes.

While Midland only recycles some forms of plastic, the holidays tend to see more plastic and trash that needs to be disposed of properly.

Executive Director for Keep Midland Beautiful, Doreen Womack says, “Well, I think that we see more of everything in the holidays, we know for a fact there is 25% more trash created during the holidays, so I would have to say yes, we also see that trash becomes litter and more so during the holidays.”

If you finished the Christmas Morning with a pile of wrapping paper and boxes that take up more room in your house than you prepared for, you are not alone and there are places you can go to make sure that ends up in the right place.

Solid Waste Assistant Director, Shaquawanna Carter mentions, “We do have our citizens collection site here available from Tuesday through Saturday. There’s also Buds recycling that’s located on 26th West Industrial, where they can take recycling items as well.”

It is also important to keep in mind the best ways to make sure your trash doesn’t end up blowing in the West Texas wind.

“With our winds and with the amount of traffic that we have in our community, we see a lot of trash that becomes litter, and the only way to stop that is to secure our trash so that it doesn’t become litter in the first place and then of course to pick it up when you see it on the ground,” says Womack.

While Christmas can sometimes bring the higher end presents, it might be best to keep that private, so as to keep your household private.

“If they want to protect those items inside their household and not allow others to see what they did get over the Christmas holiday, I would say, break those boxes down and you can place them inside of your garage or inside your fence, if the trash container is full,” mentions Carter.

With this in mind, some Midlanders are simply being practical and keeping a close watch on their homes as one resident, Justin Arabie, says, “Just keep your eyes open, keep your eyes peeled, they out there and watch out, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

So, with the holidays coming to a close, do yourself and your community a favor by keeping the trash and recycling in the dumpsters and not in the streets. And maybe, keep an extra eye out on your personal items.