Joe Biden Advisor makes a stop in the Basin, weighs in on Texas as a swing state


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – President Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden are neck and neck in the most recent polls.

Texas has been a reliable ‘red’ state since 1980 but things may change this year. The latest poll from FiveThirtyEight reporting that Trump has a narrow lead in Texas sitting at 47.9%, Joe Biden is at 45.9%.

Mike Collier, Biden’s Texas Senior Advisor said, “He’ll make a major difference across the state. He will increase the democratic vote count in this part of the state I have no doubt about it. You don’t have to win 50% of Midland County to become the winner statewide but there will be far more votes coming out of Midland County for Democrats than we have seen in the past.”

Biden added 13 more staffers to his campaign in Texas as the state shows the potential to turn purple this year. According to 270 to win, the 2016 presidential election had Texas voting 43.2% Democratic and 52.2% Republican.

Collier said, “His healthcare plan is a very pragmatic plan if you have private insurance and you like it keep it. If you can’t afford it because wages have not kept up then buy into medicare which is a very popular plan.”

“Texans are very focused on issues and what matters and what is the president going to fight for in their lives. Joe Biden has a pragmatic to which I think will be very popular and yes he can win Texas,” said the Senior Advisor.

Collier said he wants to set the record straight, Biden is not going to ban fracking and plans to invest in renewable energy sources.

“There is still going to be plenty of work in oil and gas. We are going to need liquids, we are going to need natural gas. Natural gas is a very important part of our overall energy program it is much cleaner than coal and we can now ship it around the world so there will be plenty of jobs in oil and gas,” he said.

We also spoke to a supporter of President Donald Trump, Mark Waters, about these polls showing a thin margin and he said, “Well I think the Trump people are far less going to be polled or be interested in being polling”.

“It’s kind of alarming because judging by Biden’s profile and things he wants to accomplish in his tenure that being eliminating fossil fuels completely I mean that affects a lot of our State,” he added.

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