Over the weekend two javelinas were spotted in Midland. 
Residents tell Local 2/Fox 24 they saw the wild hogs on the corner of Princeton and Mogford on Saturday night. Another sighting not too far away in the 2200 block of Shell avenue on Sunday.
“Javelina hogs, two of them,” says Midland resident Kathy Mihecoby.
Mihecoby says she spotted the hogs Saturday night while coming home from her grandson’s ball game near Mogford and Princeton.
“I seen them at the second house there. Then we just followed them around. They were just nibbling around then we got to this third house where we put the headlights on them and we were able to take a video,” says Mihecoby.
Officials at Sibley Nature Center say it’s not uncommon to see wild animals in Midland. 
However, javelinas are a different story. 
Mihecoby says it was an unusual sighting and she wasn’t sure how to react.
“I did not know who to call. we just didn’t know who to call so we just let them walk on and we went home.” says Mihecoby
“Well any type of wild animal has the potential of being dangerous, but like most wild animals if you leave them alone they will be perfectly happy to leave you alone as well,” says Michael Nickell, Scientist at Sibley Nature Center.
Nickell says its best to stay inside, keep your distance and not provoke javelinas.
“They were just nibbling, they didn’t stop-they stopped a little bit and they were just nibbling nibbling and just kept going,” says Mihecoby.
Mihecoby says she eventually called police and they told her they would call animal control to report the situation.
Local 2/Fox 24 are still waiting for an update from city officials regarding these recent sightings in Midland.