MIDLAND, Texas–It’s the season of giving, and some Midlanders are going the extra mile this year as more good samaritans come out of the wood works to help out this holiday season.

Seeing cheery and merry folks around town brings a smile to everyone’s face, and that joy is inspiring some in the tall city to give to those in need.

While the holiday season is about being with your loved ones and finding time to relax and enjoy yourself, it is also all about the season of giving. One Midland family has taken it upon themselves to help those in need, by providing a Christmas they never thought possible and will never forget.

Midland resident, Rachel Swanson and her family have been providing a Christmas to those in need for three years now and are simply looking to lend a helping hand.

“It’s just really coming from a place of I know what it’s like to literally have nothing, we went through me and my family, this community and our church supported us and brought us through that with so much grace and love, and it just showed us how to love and be loved, and we just wanted to give back to that same thing, just to love people where they’re at,” says Swanson.

Some families can’t afford the Christmas they wish for, but families such as Swansons are looking to change that. By providing food, clothing, presents, and basically anything you can think of, they are making dreams come true, one family at a time.

Swanson continues, “I think that as a community, we have a responsibility to love people where they’re at instead of say, “well if you hit this bar, I’ll help you.” People don’t know where to start sometimes to get out of the mess they’re in, like we need to hold people by the hand and help them through their stuff. If you’re in a place of despair, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you need someone to say hey it’s over here, it’s going to be okay.”

After posting about her efforts on the Nextdoor App, Swanson was amazed at the reaction. Knowing someone in their community was in need of help, only brought out more members of the community who were more than willing to help and provide for these families.

“I just feel so blessed that people are willing to put themselves out there and get out of their own way, so close to Christmas, to bless somebody that they don’t know, and that’s amazing, we need that kind of love,” says Swanson.

While the Swanson family does of course hope to spread joy to the families they are helping, they are also hoping they can provide a bigger impact to their community and have others realize how much they can do to provide for someone else and get into the giving spirit, or even reach out to your community if you and your family are in need of help.

Swanson adds, “Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith, sometimes you just got to allow yourself to be vulnerable, I know I had to, it’s very humbling. We never want to accept that we need help, we always want to be self-sufficient, but we are human beings, and we are social beings, and we need to be supported socially, we are not meant to be segregated, it doesn’t matter who you are, you know we all need to be loved, and we all have trials and challenges in this life.”

So, if you are looking to help someone out this season and spread some holiday cheer, don’t hesitate to look to your community, and you too could be making someone’s holiday a little bit brighter.