It’s National Beer Day. Here’s how many brews people drink in a week


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HOUSTON (KIAH) — It’s National Beer Day, so if you ever needed a reason to drink a bunch on a Wednesday, this is it.

A new survey asked beer drinkers how much they drink a week, and even though the most common answer was just a few, there were some people who said they really go for it.

National Today surveyed 1,100 Americans ages 21 and up about their beer habits.

Of the beer drinkers surveyed, 31% say they have one bottle a week, while 34% say they have two to four bottles per week.

Yet, 4% said they drink 16 to 20 beers a week — that’s two or three per day — and 5% said they consumed 21 or more beers a week, which is between three and, um, infinity per day.

The survey also found beer is the most popular drink people order at bars, with 47% preferring beer to a margarita (22%), wine (17%), a cosmopolitan (6%), a gin and tonic (5%) or champagne (3%).

In addition, both women (70%) and men (59%) who drink beer were considered to be more approachable than people who drink any other type of booze. 

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