Introduce a girl to engineering day


A study by the Society of Women Engineers says only 13-percent of Engineers in the U.S. are Women. A statistic that doesnt surprise XTO Energy.

Operations Engineer, Claire Lafferty, says “right now there are not as many women in engineering as there are males.”

Lafferty says events like these get her excited about the future makeup of engineering.

“This serves as a way to give role models. And show them that there are these women that are doing this work out here” says Lafferty. 


Midland native Katie Moore says she’s enjoyed her work in the engineering field in the Permian Basin but she says, i’ts rare that she sees other women pursuing the same career.

“I think growing up I didnt really know of many women in the industry and I thought it was really exciting especially going to the classes that I was one of the only females,” Moore says.

One of the best parts about her job? Being the role model she never had for young girls in Midland. 

The Facility Engineer says “I think it’s important to help out in the community that you work in.” A messege that was heard lound and clear by girls Thursday.
“I have been into science since I was really little so it’s just great to be here,” says student, Bailey Johnston

Another student, Dayani Hernandez , adding “like I honestly didn’t know that you could do this stuff in college.”

Macie Drummond says “other little girls, from watching, they can see how difference people can make. Especially women on our future in oil.”

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