Update: The City of Hobbs announced Sunday that there will be a press conference regarding the baby found in the Safe Haven Baby Box on Saturday.

According to a release from the City, the press conference will be held at Fire Station 1 on Monday, September 25th, beginning at 3pm. The City will be providing an update and more information regarding the incident.

We will continue to update you on this story as more information becomes available.

HOBBS, New Mexico (KMID/KPEJ) – A newborn baby was safely placed inside the baby box at Fire Station 1 around midday on Saturday, September 23rd.

According to a release by the Hobbs Fire Department, personnel responded to the safety alarm which notified staff, key personnel, and dispatch as soon as the compartment door closed. The infant was then immediately transported to Covenant Health Hospital to be examined and receive medical treatment.

HFD stresses that it is important to note that the child was found healthy and well cared for when found by personnel and further updates will be released upon finding.

City Manager Manny Gomez stated, “A miracle happened in Hobbs today when staff responded to Station One’s Baby Box alarm to find a healthy newborn baby boy safe and sound within the incubator. This is all that could be hoped for in such a situation, and staff are elated that the Safe Haven Baby Box served its purpose perfectly and a new life was saved. This device has created a safer environment for newborn babies and families in our community. We would be remised to not thank Monica Kelsey with Safe Haven Baby Box, MECA Therapies, #PainFreeBirth, the State of New Mexico, and Senator David Gallegos for their work and funding which made this device possible. Lastly, I commend the Hobbs Fire Department for their diligence, sensitivity, and care during this situation.”

Every police station, fire department, and hospital are considered to be safe haven sites which by New Mexico law shall accept an infant without the individual or parent being subject to criminal prosecution. A newborn baby up to 90 days old may be surrendered at one of these sites without worry of repercussions to the parent(s) of New Mexico.

HFD says the baby box at Fire Station 1 is an environmentally controlled incubator device, designed to keep an infant in a secure environment with sufficient oxygen, a comfortable temperature, and equipped with a transparent door and safety alarm to immediately notify the operator(s) that an infant has been placed in the device.

There is one other Safe Haven Baby Box in New Mexico, at the Española Fire Station.

You can learn more about the baby box here.