Increase in hit-and-run accidents for Midland & Odessa


PERMIAN BASIN (Nexstar) – In 2021 alone, there have been more than 900 hit-and-runs in both Midland and Odessa combined.

“There’s a lot of people that come from different places and they don’t respect the traffic signs the speed limits.” says an Odessa resident.

In a statement from Midland’s Public Information Officer, the increase and hit and runs could be due to the influx of people moving from out of state to the area for jobs.

“We believe the cause is attributed to an increase of people from other states due to no work or increase in oil production in this area,” says Midland’s Public Information Officer.

As for the City of Odessa, police-reported 721 hit-and-run accidents in January 2020 alone. If this rate stays the same there will be 5% more hit-and-runs this year in Odessa than compared to last year.

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